DNG magenta in whites

DNG files are unusable because of magenta in whites.
This will show up in Affinity and in Luminar neo. The support of DXO is really lacking. No response from there side. This is really bad behaviour towards a customer. I would suggest to better support/reaction. We can not help is also a reaction. Refund this bad product and is than a solution.

Which camera? Which system? Without any information it is indeed quite hard to help at all

OM digital OM-1.

I’m missing a lot of information. Now it seems more like a rant on a user forum. For instance:

  • Is it in the output DNG of PureRaw? Or do you use a DNG as input?
  • If DNG as input for PureRaw: does it also happen with the native Olympus ORF format?
  • MacOS or Windows?
  • Could you perhaps share a DNG?

I did some tests using a random ORF file from the internet (not an OM-1 user myself). This is the ORF file before processing

Outputted as DNG, this is the side-by-side comparison in PureRaw. ORF left, DNG right. No (excessive) magenta as you can see

Also in the MacOS Preview application I don’t see any (excessive) magentas

So I’m struggling to reproduce it. Perhaps you could share your workflow with us?

Works flawlessly here: ORF->DNG with PureRaw2, Import of DNGs in Lightroom (not classic).


Just frustration DXO gave a reaction after 5 days. There I shared workflow and platforms I use

MacOS Monterey

My workflow:
Proses in Pure Raw2 concert to DNG.
Export to Luminar Neo or Affinity and proses there.

Not allowed to upload samples sorry