DNG import into CO or LR

If I use PL5 to initially process my raw files (demosaicing, lens corrections, noise reduction) and import into CO or LR, do these programs attempt to re-apply lens corrections to the DNG or is there nothing to correct?

DNGs from PureRaw are fully corrected (depending on how you set its processing) and need no further corrections. I’ve not set C1 and LrC to automatically correct lens flaws, but you can easily test with a few shots and find out how things work on your side.

Thanks for the quick reply. I did briefly compare CO22 (Nikon Pro Standard) to DXO renderings and they looked quite close (noise reduction not withstanding), but I wanted to be sure CO didn’t affect DXO’s actions. I can import into CO w/o a “style”, but not clear to me how to import w/o a lens correction profile. Seems in the in end, likely not a material difference.