DNG from Lightroom edited in Photolab 7 colors not matching

When I edited DNG photos in Photolab 7 via Plug-in Extras > Transfer to Photolab 7, the colors look completely flat when back in Lightroom. I exported from Photolab as DNG. For editing I selected in photolab preset Natural and did some sharpening, microcontrast and contrast.
When I export from Photolab as TIFF or JPG, the colors stay the same like in Photolab.
I’ve never experienced this with Photolab 6.
Using Lightroom Classic 13.0.2.

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Changes in colour hues and saturation of dng files from PhotoLab as seen in Lightroom depend on how saturated coulours are in the original raw files and how one sets coliur space, softproofing, rendering intent and the checkboxes and sliders for colour detail preservation.

All things set equally, PhotoLab 6 and 7 should produce dng files that look very similar in Lightroom. Slight differences might still appear due to slightly different defaults im DPL 6 and 7.

Many posts have been written about such matters and @John-M has been very active in this for DPL on Windows. Find John’s contributions with forum search. Have a look at a recent thread:

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