DNG file that doesn't work in PhotoLab 7. Attached is a link

Did any of the people who noticed it had been there for a long time contact DxO about it?

We are told they do moniter this fourm so if so they would have seen this. Or as
I suspect they totally ignore it.

Ther are a few members of the fourm who make the error of thinking they do moniter it. I have never thought so after they created this new one and before that took active support away from it original feedback forum. There have been a lot of long threads on problems that have been totally ignored or in my view not ignored but just not seen. DXO has always been a bit distant from users now they look to me to be separate which I fear could be disastrous.

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No idea, all I know, and what prompted me to contact the UK ASA, is what is given in the two topics I linked to above.

As noted, there are DxO Staff who are members of the forum, but I suspect they are all French. How much, or how well, they read the threads in English is anyone’s guess.

The problem with PL’s lack of (or partial) DNG support has been much discussed in several threads. PL only supports DNG’s that are generated by cameras it supports. This is never likely to change, which makes PL a non-starter for several industries.

Because of this I am using PL less and less. I have PL5 and won’t be upgrading unless and until they sort out their DNG support.

Don’t worry about the DxO team’s knowledge of English.

The French read English much better than you imagine.
Especially technical English, which has become almost compulsory to get ahead.
The English and Americans, on the other hand, because their language is spoken everywhere, are perhaps less able to speak other languages.


That really depends on where you live. Certainly in the major cities like Paris, where DxO are based, and especially in tech companies, it is fairly widespread. But here in rural Brittany, far less so.

Indeed. But that is down to the fact that their schools don’t start teaching foreign languages like French until, at least, secondary school and, even then it is often taught by a non-French teacher.

Mind you, our neighbour’s daughter was doing her baccalaureate and had a French teacher for English lessons - except he seemed to use material he found on the internet and copied, including a lot of American English, which sounded just plain weird and the daughter ended up using, sometimes, impolite phrases to a British English ear.

I agree with all that. I have worked with some French in software engineering and their English was good.

As for the English nationals. The problem is: “everyone” learns English as their 2nd language. What do the Brits learn as a 2nd Language? I started with Spanish at school and German at work. Also, some Arabic. I never needed French. I have a friend who is fluent in Japanese and Latin(!?!?) but not French.

As for Americans: I have met some intelligent, well-educated and well travelled Americans (or Democrats as they are usually identified as) but other than them most Americans don’t really have any concept of “the rest of the world” despite all being immigrants. :slight_smile: And rarely speak anything else :slight_smile: