DNG file that doesn't work in PhotoLab 7. Attached is a link

I am aware of the existing thread on this issue, but it has not been resolved. I have no problem opening the file in other editing software such as Lightroom, Photoshop, or Capture One.

I am attaching a link to download the file. I hope there will be an update soon. There are many photos that PhotoLab cannot open.

Just a question – what was the intent to first treat your file with
to then come here … ?

That’s what I was wondering. Exiftool also shows there are some ignored errors, so the file is neither a true RAW file or an OOC DNG, thus not guaranteed to be compatible with PL

True, it is true that what you say is not compatible with Photolab.
The question is why in other programs even professional programs can be displayed and edited and PhotoLab can’t?
The thing is that it was said in the past as soon as I switched to DNG there is compatibility with any software. And that’s how it really is except for the Photolab software

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There is no problem with DNG files straight from compatible cameras.

But the DNG file format is essentially a container that can contain all different sorts of content, not all of which are readable in all software.

Well, referring to this

your camera-lens-combination should be supported since PL5/PR2.

So first, use it to get all of DxO’s “bells and whistles” like optical corrections, noise reduction, Fujifilm color reproduction … that is, use (any) software to your advantage – if it has it.

OP - do you have any particular reason to convert RAF to linear DNG with X-Transformer before feeding it to DxO PL ? just curious … X-Transformer is typically used for (A) X-Trans demosaick with some optional non AI NR and/or capture sharpening, etc (B) baking optical corrections based on manufacturers data into demosaicked data -OR- translating manufacturers optical correction data and passing optical corrections as DNG tags embdedded in linear DNG (C) minor usability features like embedding your favorite DCP profile in linear DNG or replacing camera model, or some other DNG tags/instructions for ACR/LR related to sharpening/NR, etc in linear DNG (D) converting RAF to linear DNG when your further software does not support your camera model RAF files … A, B., C (rarely), D (rarely) - covers almost all use cases… what is yours ?

I used X-Transformer v3.1 with Fuji X-T3 RAF and DxO PL7.4 did open linear DNG … BUT read below :

The reason why DxO PL does not open linear DNG after X-Transformer is apparently when you ask X-Transformer to actually apply optics corrections ( other options are to ignore or to embed optics corrections as DNG tags - DxO PL of course will ignore that part )… so do you have a reason to prefer manufacturer’s optics corrections over DxO’s optical modules ( one reason might be that DxO does not read focusing distance hence [ for some lenses, not for every lens ] you get either not the best corrections in DxO or you have to spend time manually selecting focusing distances for each raw file - while optics correction data that Fuji cameras embed in RAF raw file already accounts for corrections needed for focusing distance used)

Take a look here:

scratch that ( my prev. post ) … I repeated the test and DxO PL does read both linear DNGs ( with optics corrections passed as tags and with optics corrections baked in) … so may be try to use v3.1 of X-Transformer ?

tested again on a different X-T3 RAF file - DxO PL 7.4 opens all linear DNGs after X-Transformer…

settings used :


and identical

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It could be that the new version of the software supports Photolab. My files open in any software, but not in Photolab

you can download and trial X-Transformer v3.1 and PL v7.4 … or you can post screenshots of your settings in X-Transformer v2.x ( like I did above for v3.1 ) - I can try to test that w/ v2.x and PL6 and PL7 after business hours … also may be share your original RAF file too to make it a cleaner experiment

The problem is that I deleted the original DNG in the belief that the file will work in any software

you mean you deleted the original RAF to keep a only a bigger and demosaicked DNG ?

I hope you are not doing this anymore then


The problem is that PL does not support DNG.
PhotoLab Supports with Caveats some DNG.

DXO are disingenuous, saying they “support DNG”. It is marketing hype. If they were honest they would be saying "PL supports SOME DNG with caveats see…

You don’t say! (c)

DxO disingenuous ?

Which DNG files are supported by DxO PhotoLab as input? – Help center

Nothing disingenuous about their support for DNG and I see no marketing hype. They are very clear and open about exactly what their DNG support includes on their support site. You just have to look. See the link below.


The DXO support for DNG is so clear and obvious there is a constant stream of people on here asking whey their DNG files are not opening…

Reality does not seem to agree with you @mwsilvers

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