DNG Color Profiles

Can you add support for DNG color profiles like those used in Adobe Camera RAW? Thanks!

I really hope that DxO will also support such funcionality (perhaps through FilmPack ad-on).

if you are talking about dcp-profiles – they are available since PL 4


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No, I wrote abou this:
Adobe Camera RAW 15.1 now supports six Ricoh GR III and IIIx camera matching profiles Read more: https://pentaxrumors.com/2023/02/03/adobe-camera-raw-15-1-now-supports-six-ricoh-gr-iii-and-iiix-camera-matching-profiles-standard-vivid-positive-film-monotone-soft-monotone-and-hard-monotone/#ixzz7uKRqQeor


  • download and install the latest Adobe DNG converter

  • in Windows you find the equivalent dcp-profiles e.g. in

  • import them in PL
    ( guess, your cam must be supported by your PL version )


On my Win 10 machine the Adobe .dcp files were not in a folder under \All Users. They were in a folder under the hidden folder \ProgramData

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Thank you very much Wolfgang for information and instruction. :+1:
I did not know about such possibility.

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