DJI Mavic Pro color Profile

I’m having a really hard time with colour balance on some images off a DJI Mavic Pro. I have some DNG files which my photographer sent me and he probably has a colour profile installed with the Mavic’s drivers so no problem at his end but he’s on a Mac and I’m on a PC and he uses Lightroom so I don’t know how to get the profile from him. When I open his images in my DXO PL 3.3 they look really badly off and I have an extremely difficult time trying to get them right. Is it not possible to get a profile for the Mavic Pro and apply that in Photolab’s Colour Rendering section - either by selecting an ICC profile or a camera body?

This is what It looks like when I open the folder:

The bottom left image is my laborious attempt to get it looking right and it still isn’t.

And this is what it should look like. These are shown in Faststone Image Viewer from the embedded preview which is no doubt an ordinary jpeg:

(Please excuse the blacked-out bits. It’s still confidential)

I think what I need is an ICC or DCP profile or for the Mavic Pro to show up in that list:

Where do I get such a thing? I know profiles are usually specific to a specific camera but I don’t mind if it’s for someone else’s Mavic Pro. The colour is so far off that just getting close will be good enough for me.
The precise model name is DJI Mavic Pro FC220.

Hello @Beachscriber,

Thanks for your feedback.
There are always some difference between LR and DxO results but yours is a bit strong, when testing DNG you sent via the support I don’t have such underxposed image. Anyway we will analyze it and try to get better results at opening for white balance.
We will also add some color renderings for DJI drones in a future version.


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Hi Marie. I’m just wondering if there has been any progress on this. :pray: I’d really like to revisit those files.