DJI Mavic Air 2 DNG support

Hi DxO team,

I’m happy to see that support for the DJI Mavic Air is planned for the June release.

With DJI recently announcing an updated version of that drone, the Mavic Air 2, I was wondering when or if you are planning to support this drone.

(Asking for a friend/maybe future DxO customer)


We plan to support Mavic Air 2, probably for a release in autumn.


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Does that mean that the long-anticipated Android DNG format is likely to be supported from the autumn too?

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Yes, Maybe.

I’m waiting for Mavic Air 2 DNG support before purchasing… :slight_smile:

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I like Photolab - i hope that DXO the dng version from Mavic Air 2 fast supoorted. :v:

Hello @chrissi,

we will support Mavic Air 2 but I can’t guarantee that it will be done for the next update as we have lot of new cameras to support. We will do our maximum to do it anyway.


Le support pour le Mavic Air 2 est-il prévu prochainement ?
J’ai revendu un drone Parrot Anafi, ce-dernier n’étant pas supporté par DXO PhotoLab.
Je suis un peu déçu que le Mavi Air 2 ne soit pas encore supporté. En espérant que ce modèle soit rajouté rapidement dans la liste des équipements supportés.
En vous remerciant

Is the support for the Mavic Air 2 planned soon?
I have resold a Parrot Anafi, the latter not being supported by DXO PhotoLab.
I am a little disappointed that the Mavi Air 2 is not yet supported. Hopefully this model will be added quickly to the list of supported equipment.
Thank you very much

No support in futur for Anafi Parrot :slightly_smiling_face:

Le support du Mavic Air 2 est-il prévu dans un avenir proche sur la version 3 de DXO Photolab ou sera-t-il nécessaire de passer sur la v4 ?

Normalement les nouveaux profils sont ajoutés à la dernière version disponible.

any update for supporting Mavic air 2 DNG?

Hello @zfc6e,

Welcome to DxO forum :slight_smile:

We support DJI Mavic Air 2 since Deecember 2020 (for PhotoLab 4.1).
If you have trouble with your images please provide a sample so we can analyze it.