Distortion > Force Parallel now changed and defaults to horizontal, not vertical

I have an up-to-date installation of PhotoLab 5 Elite with NIK plugins.
I regularly use Geometry > Distortion > Force Parallel to rectify some distortion in some photos.
Normally, when clicking on Force Parallel, vertical parallel lines appear, as expected, to enable me to adjust the image.
However, in the last week, when clicking on Force Parallel the two parallel adjustment lines default to horizontal, NOT vertical.
Nothing I have yet been able to do has succeeded in reversing this change.
I know that I can drag the lines to vertical but I don’t want to have to do this and have never had the need to do so until now.
Any help appreciated.

Hi and welcome here (user forum).

Just checked with the latest PL5.9.0 Build 4851 (Windows version) on landscape and portrait format pics – the force parallel tool always appeared vertical by default.


Likewise for me, also PL5.9.0 Build 4851 - Force Parallel opens up with two vertical lines (irrespective of whether I launch it from the top level menu icon or via the DxO Viewpoint palette).

Thanks for helping guys - fer reference this was an issue in the camera setting for my Ricoh GR III and NOT an issue with PhotoLab. :grinning:

Hi Wolfgang and thanks for the response.
I am on an Apple iMac M1 and DXO Photolabs shows the following:-

“DxO PhotoLab is currently the newest version available.”

It was updated a few days ago and i am wondering if maybe this has caused my problem (can’t be sure of timing). However I can see no way of changing the defaukt tio Vertical. :frowning: