Displaying AF Point

Hello fellow photographers,

How can I see the autofocus (AF) point in this software? I hope that this option is somewhere, else I am quite puzzled that I am not able to see my focus points on the pictures I have taken.

FYI, there is a small rectangle area representing the AF Point in the other software such as DPP Canon software.

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I personal have never that option in this or other software.
I reckon that Canon is saving AFpoint data in the exif metadata the special for Canon produced processingsoftware can read this, but ive never seen this with my Panasonic.

Which kind i know as excisting is Focuspeaking, the software is showing with blinking which is in focus, showing the DOF so to speak in the image. (DxO doesn’t have this feature. (yet))

You can also see the AF point within Nikon software and there is a plugin for Lr to show the AF point.
I’m sure they could make that possible with PL

Thank you mikerofoto.I thought it was just waiting :slight_smile:

i am sure they can, when or if they will implement this functionality is probably a longer timeframe then turekm will wait.:relaxed:
(but maybe one of the staff will answer to that. : @sgospodarenko ?)

Agreed! The is a very useful feature. I used it with Nikon Capture NX2 and searched in vain for it when I started using DxO.

I agree the lightroom plug in was very usfull

I never used it so much to find that. I did find it very usfull to see what might have gone wrong with an image focus and it did that OK when needed.

…and by the way, it completely fails at “focus and recompose”. Even for very small values of “recompose”.

In reality, displaying the (seeming) AF point is not as helpful as in theory. :slight_smile:


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Hello, as a new member I’ve found this thread. I also come from Nikon software, and own a Olympus OMD EM5 MII. After taking some photos sometimes I wonder why and where the focus point is set. :grin:
For me it would be a helpful feature to check the focus point in DXO PL3.
best regards

Do you mean actual focuspoint selected by camera as the green box or the focusplane where the dof lays around?
Focusplane detection can be done with edge detecting as the same you use with Manual Focus in camera. ( this feature is in request, handy for focusstacking image selecting.)
Focuspoint, 1-36 for instance, reading needs to be written in exifdata and picked up by the rawdeveloper. It’s manufacturor depended same as camera colorprofile settings.

Hi Peter and many thanks for fast response. I’m not an native english speaker an I hope I understand the correct meaning.
The part with the focusplane, which is in request sound very well, and I will wait for this feature :innocent:.
At the moment the actual focuspoint I’ve selected and taking the photo for me is more useful.
For example…I focus at a bee on a flower, taking the picture and the bee is not really sharp. On the display of the camera, within the detailed info screen I see the green box where the focus point was with the release. For me this would be helpful also to see within DXO. I know that this information is within the exif data (Picture Information Extractor ), and DXO also knows camera model. So in my opinion (i’m not a software developer :grinning:) it must be possible to show???
best regards

Me arn’t either native englisch :blush: so no worries.
Your info about where the focus point bin targetted, green box, is only interesting if you are able to redo the shot or did a repeatble, burst of images with focuspoint change like in focus bracketing.
If so a edge detection feature wil give you the same information. It shows the dof and focusplane.

But i understand your aim. It would be helping in the future to adjust focuspoint to a other point if you know the behaviour of the AFpoints.

not only to adjust focus point in the future, also to know if the focus point was not set exactly, and for example the focus point was set half to the bee and half to the flower in result of a movement of myself or a wind breeze.
But so I will wait for the next features with next version
Thank you

That could be nice to have, I’ve used this in the past, not something every day but sometime its nice to confirm the focus point.

Hi Ziggy99, thanks for Info. As I remember I’ve tried such tools some time ago, and also the tool you described. There is also a gui for Harvey’s Exif Tool under https://hvdwolf.github.io/pyExifToolGUI/ .
All the tools work, but you will not see the focus point graphical at the picture, like on the camera display or in Nikon software.
There was one freeware (don’t remember the name) with this function, but the thumbnail picture with the focus point was so small, without possibility to resize, so for me not practically

I think that PhotoME can show which focus point was used.
However, when using “focus and recompose” (which I do a lot) this information is absolutely useless, anyway…