Display images by clicking image number of the keyword


When we click on the number of images of a project it displays the images of the project, can we have the same thing with the keywords?

I was just about to post something similar:

I often find myself looking at the keywords pane and wanting to search for a keyword that appears there. To do so, I have to:

  • Switch to PhotoLibrary mode.
  • Expand the Search for Images pane.
  • Type in the keyword I want.
  • Wait while the system proposes a number of alternative searches.
  • Click on the keyword I want.

A keyword search of this sort is not unlike selecting a folder, so it would be best to have a keywords pane in the PhotoLibrary tab. Clicking on a term would be analogous to clicking on a folder—the system would immediately begin to search for an display the images with the matching keyword.

The Projects pane mentioned by @Franky is in the PhotoLibrary tab, while currently there is only a Keywords pane in the Customize tab. As I mention above, it would make the most sense to have a Keywords pane under PhotoLibrary that would function analogously to the Folders and Project panes.