Display Image file Size and Pixel Image size dimensions In DXP Photo Lab

Display Image file Size Mega Bytes and pixel size #Pixels X #Pixels in the information bar area below the image and between film strip and the bottom. I have to reduce file size and resolutions sometimes to send a image or put it up on a website. Current have to use a different program instead of DXO Photolab.

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and why not use the function “export to disks” ?

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Hello DXO: I have seen what you suggest in Export but since some of my images are taken with a Gigapan I like to know the pixel dimensions before I export. That way I know how much to reduce the PPI. Not everyone is just using a camera were you know how many pixels on in each frame!

I always wonder why the film strip doesn’t show more picture information. Beside size also shutter speed, aperture and ISO would be useful to know before clicking on a photo. And if we could filter on these data as well…

Hi Christian,

If you press Ctrl+I (Cmd instead of Crtrl on a Mac, I believe?) then you will get an Image Properties window for the current image … Leave this open and select a different image on the Browser and the properties will be updated to relate to the “new current” image.

A similar set of information will show in a “pop-up” window if you hover your mouse over an image.

It’s not possible to filter on image properties, but you can sort your images (on the Browser) by various properties
… via the Sort option (far left): DxO_Sort

Regards, John M

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Hello John,

thanks for your help. In the Mac version this seems to be not available, compare http://help-photolab.dxo.com/en/keyboard-shortcuts

There is a shortcut just on the letter “I” (Ctlr+H in Windows) which is labelled “Display/Hide information overlay”. In the rganize and cusotmize modes I can’t see what it is doing. Only in full-screen mode it does what I expect.

What you proposed is impractical for me anyways: Switching between pictures takes 5 to 7 seconds on my old MacBook Pro. This is exactly the reason why I’d like to see this basic information before I switch to the picture.

On the same system Canon DPP software can show me the EXIF info, histogram and embedded preview of all RAW files in a folder in one or two seconds. I don’t get the high quality render in this view, but for a first selection of images this is what I need.

Yes - I see that this is, indeed, so !

All that it does is report, at top left of the image, the status of the image currently displayed; whether it’s the “Correction preview” - or the selected basis for comparison: eg. “No corrections (without geometry)”.

I guess that might be useful (?)

A tool that you might like to check-out for reviewing/culling of your images (before presenting them to PL for processing & corrections) is “Fast Raw Viewer” - - I have no association with this product, but I can recommend it as a very fast previewer/viewer - with the benefit that it truly presents the contents of the RAW file (and not simply the JPG that’s embedded within a RAW file).

John M


I would hate to see a lot of additional information added to the browser as it would make the interface very busy. One of the principal advantages of PhotoLab is its clean interface which once mastered promotes creative work and flow with a minimum of left-brain distractions.