Display bug with DXO PHOTOLAB 4 Elite on win10

I just bought DXO PHOTOLAB 4 Elite on windows 10, and as the version I have display bug, which is very annoying, see the video which shows the problem : https://youtu.be/_SDHjYfID20 . It’ll be great to fix those display bugs. thank you
note: my drivers for my RTX2070 S graphics card and Windows 10 are up to date

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Looks like the long standing problem caused a faulty audio driver nahimic service. If you have any app associated with displaying game sound position try de-installing it. Just being installed can cause the problem (I think one from asus is called sonic radar).

If that doesn’t work disabling the nahimic service is a more drastic measure.

later: after app de-install you probably need to restart windows.


I uninstalled Sonic Radar 3 from Asus and I no longer have the problem, it’s crazy to see that software that has absolutely nothing to do with Photolab makes it buggy. Thanks for the tip NEVER would have thought of that


Thank you very much, I had the same problem and it seems to be working now without restart!


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@Yonni thank you for the help to the new users!

Svetlana G.

Yep it took a long time to track down the cause. I think the nhaimic service hooks into the windows display system to support the radar type apps displaying graphic overlays in games. The hook seems only to be installed while an app that uses it is installed. I assume the hook corrupts PL’s usage of the display system.

I only know of one other application (from Ashampoo) that is similarly affected which probably means there are not enough people noticing and complaining about the problem to get it fixed.

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Big thank you for this tip.

I had the exact same issue and de-installing Sonic Radar 3 solved it.

Thanks to everyone for finding the issue - it drove me nuts.