Dismissal of upgrade offer in Affinity Photo

At the moment I have no interest in upgrading my version of Nik (v1 by DxO) thus, in Affinity Photo v1.8.3, when the upgrade nag dialog appears I wish to choose ‘later’. However, when I click the ‘later’ option nothing appears to happen and the entire application appears to lock up, implying the only way out is to resort to Task Manager in order to ‘end task’.

I emphasise ‘appears’ because if you don’t resort to the nuclear Task Manager option then eventually the nag screen does go away and you can carry on. This application freezing behaviour is very annoying, especially as the nag screen returns.

I accept that DxO want to advertise their latest and greatest product but it would more effective if their advert reacted to and respected the choice of users in a more considerate manner.

PS curiously as yet I’ve not seen the upgrade nag dialog when starting Nik from within PL3


Try to diasable updates check in config file c:\ProgramData\DxO\Nik Collection\NikCollection.cfg
add parameter IsEnabled=0 to Checkforupdate group like this

<group name="Checkforupdate">
	<key name="IsEnabled" type="bool" value="0"/>
	<key name="LastCheck" type="string" value="1592075568"/>

OK, thanks, I’ll investigate that.


I’ve got the same problem as “stuck”, but in Mac OS.
Anyone knows what files to edit in Mac OS?

Freezing Nik Plug Ins causing data loss everyday.

Help highly appreciated.

If you have the same problem then when the upgrade offer appears simply click ONCE on the ‘later’ option and then wait. As in, don’t do anything, take your hands off your machine. You might have to wait for a couple of minutes but the dialog will go away and then everything will work as normal - without any data loss.


thanks stuck!!! will give that a go )

I have the same problem as Velma but without the freezing. The upgrade pop-up opens every single time I click on a NIK link in LR. I mean every single time. I have no interest in upgrading at this time but would really love to never have to look at that pop-up again. There must be someway to disable it.