Discount for Non profit / Edu / Mil

Does anyone know what is the DXO discount for Non profit / Edu / Mil ?
All others companies give such discount but I can’t find it on DXO website.

I have been a PhotoLab user for seven years and I have never seen any references to DxO offering those type of discounts.


Interesting, now that someone brought it up I also realized I never saw any. This maybe a missed opportunity to push the workflow into the academia.

A heartfelt 50-70% for people with a edu email will be very motivating.

Besides Adobe and ON1, who else? As far as I can tell, Capture One and Topaz don’t (for example).

Even if DxO offered such a discount, they wouldn’t necessarily advertise the pricing on their website. But I expect they would at least mention the existence of such a program and how to apply for it.

As it is, DxO offers significant discounts to all of its markets at certain times of the year. So does Topaz.

I suspect small companies, like DxO, without significant market penetration may not generate sufficient interest from various organizations who would look for those type of discounts.


Capture one - 40% discount
Skylum - 50% discount
On1 - 50%-100% (mil) discount
Adobe - 60% discount

That what I know

if we go beyond photo-editing software, just about all the software I use professionally, as well as their competitors that I don’t use.
And that’s a lot of softwares.
Many companies are very concerned about their future users. And the leading ones do this.

Some even give their software for free with certain limitations.

Probably DxO is too small to afford it, and they believe their software and occasion discount is competitive (it’s not imho).

Bigger companies like Autodesk went as far as giving free licenses to university students knowing trapping them within their ecosystem is the key.

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