Disappearing Nik layers in Photoshop

I’m using Lightroom Classic v13 & Photoshop v25 on Windows 11. When I’m in PS and edit a photo in Nik the layers get created in PS. When I go back to LR and go into PS again the layer panel shows the layers that were displayed are now merged into the baseline layer. I can confirm this by going into Edit → Undo Layer. Any idea how to keep the layers from merging? I’m using smart filters in Nik so I can go back in and tweak my Nik settings. Thanks.

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To my knowledge, LR does not support PS layers,
but for details please check … e.g. LR to PS round trip | Lightroom Queen Forums

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The link stated that if you go from LR to PS a second time then select “Edit Original”. Tested and it worked like a charm. Thanks @Wolfgang.

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