Disable FilmPack in Photo Lab

Do You know how to disabled FilmPack in Photo Lab ?
Unistall only remove FP but in FL is exist in remainig time expired (TRIAL)
How to remove FP from PL?

Just close the panel of FP within DPL and you dont see it anymore but the fuctionality in the other panes is still there . If you uninstall FP you loose i.e fine contrast and other features in the other panels

I understand you want to keep FP installed but not used by PL?

It picks up VP and FP automaticly so as above suggested is a “hide” function.
No clue how the remaining sliders in contrast behave after trail time by exporting.
Only uninstall of FP will lose FP apearance in PL i think.

Don’t worry.
At the end of the trial time all VP and FP palettes wiil be gone :wink:


Hmmm i have unistalled already.
Main application FP is not exist.
Restart computer.

Open PL and there are still exist FP pallete.
I have FP in PL without main application FP :slight_smile:

But. Why i want to do this.

I woud like to buy FP , but I want to compare , freshinstall version FP , without FP.
I want to see clear FP panels without FP.

Mismatch between FP and FP :wink:

If I understood, try to rename the folder
%ProgramData%\DxO Labs\Licenses
~/Library/Application Support/DxO Labs/Licenses

Careful don’t waste your licences files!

I did.
Palette still exist :slight_smile: But installer PL in delete programs have more sizes than before FP.
Ok, i will have free FP , doesn’t matter :slight_smile: If I can’t remove so… :frowning:

But, do You have screen from PL all pallete without FP ?
This describe on the web site is too much global, and i can’t see different.

I have the same problem. Not in Windows, on my Mac.

Uninstalled de trail of FilmPack.
Deleted te demo-licence in the \library-folder

But the palet still exist in PhotoLab, but the functions are disabled.
You can delete the palet.
But if you want to add an extra function in an existing palet, you still see the FilmPack functions. You can choose them, but the are disabled.

Is there a way to delete the FilmPack functions in a PhotoLab only installation?
I want to have al clean list there. Not with functions that are disbled because I don’t have the software installed.

I would be interested too in a way to “clean” the PL interface once FilmPack is uninstalled (or once its trial has expired)…
(like Schanske I’m on Mac and experience the same issues)