Direct option for saving DNG to original RAW file location

For myself and the many users I know the most lacking feature in PureRaw; no direct option to save the DNG file to the same folder as the original RAW file.

No clutter of useless DxO subfolders or having to navigate to a specific folder each time. Just a one-time setting will make a lot of people very happy!

So please speak up everyone and vote!


This concerns the ‘Process photos’ dialog. There are only two options as destination folder; either ‘DxO’ folder in the original image(s) folder or Custom folder. Those are all the choices you get when processing images.

I just want the option to permanently set ‘save to original image folder’. No work-arounds, just set it once and never touch it again. Happy life.

Can I suggest that if this gets added that the Lightroom plugin is also updated with an option to stack the DXO version of the image with the original (and set the DXO version to the top of the stack / the primary image in the stack)


I STRONGLY support this request to (a) provide the ability to stack DxO version with the original raw image AND (b) not create a useless DxO Lr collection!

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Yes, Fully agree!

Another vote for this feature. It should be trivial to implement.
Please, just let us save the DxO version in the same location as the raw file. Thank you !!

Me too. I actually came to the forum to ask for this. Otherwise very happy with version 3 - nice job DXO!

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Agree with all this. I’m trialling PR3 and this just seems obvious! The new Lightroom denoise does this. Simple is best.

That’s very important for me too - stacking as well as the same folder. Like @Rory I came to the forum to ask for this. Thanks in adcvance!

Hurray! They implemented this in the latest release. 3.2.0.

Now if they would get rid of the dialog box asking if I want to “Go to Finder” or “View results”. I don’t want to do either. I’m using CaptureOne and I want to go back to that program. Currently I have to “x” out of this dialog every time. Don’t know if this is a refinement needed for CaptureOne or also true in LR.

Works ok in Windows/LR. Great addition. They should be trumpeting the change, not hiding it away. This is good news!

Totally agree, and this is one of the main nuisances preventing me from buying - I don’t want a subfolder and I don’t want a new collection, I just want the processed file put back in the source folder next to the original. Other things keeping me on the sidelines:

  1. It doesn’t work from the “Edit In” right-click menu in LR Classic. It creates the export file, but doesn’t open the program. I can only launch it from Plug-In Extras in the File menu.

  2. It doesn’t preserve keywords from the original file.

  3. Why is a 12-bit DNG more than twice the file size of my original 14-bit NEF???

Sad, because the actual results are wonderful. But I’m not spending money on anything that’s this frustrating to use.

Latest update, version 3.1, May 14 2023. Still no action on this feature. :confounded:

New update May 27 2023 - YES !!!


Thank you !