Direct link to this forum from the Help menu

I would suggest to add a direct link to this forum (or any online support) from the Help menu.

That feature would obviously be not that important for us, but can be a useful way for newcomers to discover those helpful available ressources.

It would be helpful to know what DxO decision-makers think about this. After all, at there’s a link to this forum at the bottom of the page, under “Learn & Support”. I’m guessing that the absence of a link to in the Help menu is deliberate, but am not sure. I agree it would be a very useful addition (and voted accordingly), but not as a means of obtaining “online support” as you say, because there are already several more official means available via Help that I imagine DxO would like to promote and develop. I think it’s good for many customers to become familiar with these resources before finding their way here.


Good morning and thank you for the suggestion,

We’ve already have the link in a “What’s new” window. @StevenL what do you think about the suggestion above?

Svetlana G.