Digital asset management : moving folders

We need an easy way to move a complete folder and its subfolders to a new location

I’d add that DPL,s database should be able to recognize images even if their folder has bern renamed or moved. Refresh function can be done automatically or manually.

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I agree, PhotoLab’s ability to manage files & folders is too primitive. Even if it had the ability to move things around, its single folder tree makes significant reorganization very difficult.

I agree, I don’t expect PhotoLab to be a full on DAM, but it does need to provide basic features that are common to all software of this kind. Currently it is woefully lacking in a number of areas including this one, and is a far worse product than it could be because of that.

For processing RAW files PhotoLab is stunning, but to be honest I am appalled by some of the basic functionality that is either missing or half implemented. This is a shame because a lot of the support functionality that is missing or “broken” would be very easy to put in place and would make PhotoLab a far more user friendly product.

I agree. Not being able to move or delete folders is a bad joke for software like this.

You have the option to create a folder but are unable to delete it!

Yep, that makes perfect sense.