Difficulty unpacking FStoppers tutorials on Mac

I’m on an M1 Mac Mini. I’m having problems unpacking the Fstoppers download files.
The working Files package only unpacks some files - I have about 4 missing so far as I can tell.

And the video files only play for about 20 minutes then freeze.
I was using my external SSD and that wasn’t working well so I tried the internal SSD and that helped(more files and 1 complete video), but I’m still not getting all the files and the mp4 videos are “corrupted”. I’ve downloaded multiple times and the download itself seems to work.

EDIT: The download is not in fact working! I get a “network connection lost” after 3.96GB exactly for all files, that would explain the corrupt/missing files. Does anyone have any clue why the network drops so consistently?

EDIT2: I tried Firefox instead of Safari with no change. Then I tried using my old Windows (v10) PC and it downloaded all files perfectly. Now I just have to transfer them to the Mac and see if I can unzip them…

EDIT3: The problem turned out to be that my external SSD is formatted with FAT32 which has a file size limit of 4GB which is why the extracts failed. I’ve now got all the files across from my Windows box and it’s all working. (The individual video files are all less than 4G, it’s the zip archives that are the problem.) I’ll leave this saga here in case it helps anyone else!
[PS. The Downloads folder, however, is formatted for APFS so shouldn’t have the 4G limit, so I still don’t know why the downloads failed on the Mac but worked on the PC! If anyone has an idea let me know!]

FWIW the bits of tutorial I have seen look to be very good!

Sorry to hear that. I have no idea what caused that on your end. Everything went fine for me. Download no problem. Same unzipping and the videos are fine too. I used Safari for downloading and unzipping with the standard system program. Ventura 13.5.2.

Thanks for confirming that it should have worked. I checked and I definitely have bigger files that I’ve downloaded in the past, so I’ve no idea what was going on. But the tutorial is good(especially for those new to Nik) so it was worth the hassle.