Difficult to find Images which do not have a DxO Optics Module - Needs Filter Option?

Most of my lens/camera combinations have DxO Optics modules, but not all of them.

When there is no a Optics Module available, I obviously need to put in some extra effort to manually adjust the images.

Unfortunately there does not seem to be any way to sort or filter the images based on the presence or lack of an Optics Module, which is a major aggravation when trying to find the images that I need to apply special attention to.

Given that images without optics modules need special attention, shouldn’t PhotoLab make it easy to find them?

This cant be difficult as the images in the image viewer are already tagged to indicate that there is no optics module… all it needs is an additional option to allow the presence of an Optics module to be used as a filter.

Hi Alun,
that’s correct and is another point of zhe disadvantages of search criteria within fotothek like

full searchable for Exif Data
and all the other stuff discussed in different threads

I vote for this

Actually, there is:

im in PhotoLibrary and see

Windows System DXO 3.2.0

It looks like the Win version of DPL does not have the module filters…

Harhar :grimacing:,

it looks like the user interfaces for WIN and Mac are different in many ways.

I hope Version 4, whenever it comes are more similar. During next winter time I will take a deeper look, because I will decide or not to leave the windows world. But with all the infos I read from Mac users here I’m not sure which :frog: to gulp :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I am very surprised that the windows and mac versions are so different in this area… as you have already worked out this seems to only be an issue in the windows version.