Differences between Essential and Elite Edition?

Differences between Essential and Elite Edition of DxO PhotoLab?
Saw an article but the difference were not clear to me.

I will be using Win10 and/or macOS Catalina Version 10.15.7

Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM Contemporary
Canon 5D Mk IV (cr2)

There’s a table on this page…

Be aware that the Essential version is vey basic and is missing advanced features that few PhotoLab users would be happy to do without.


So does Photolab include all of the tools in PureRaw plus other processing tools?
I’m really interested in RAW processing, but would very much like to have the other tools as well.

PureRaw contains only a very small subset of the tools in PhotoLab which are limited to optical corrections and noise reduction. The tools in PureRaw are also not as adjustable as their counterparts in PhotoLab . PhotoLab is a full service raw processor/editor.

Keep In mind that the current version, PhotoLab 7 Eiite will be superseded by PhotoLab 8 Elite as early as September. If you were to purchase PL 7 now and want the new features in PL 8 when it is released in just a few months you would need to pay the upgrade price at that time. Consider waiting for PL 8 to be released. In the meantime, I suggest you download the free 31 day trial of PhotoLab 7 Elite to see it you like using it and if the features meet you expectations.

Also keep in mind that the current version, PureRAW 4 , contains the latest version of DxO’s noise reduction algorithm, DeepPRIME XD2. XD2 is not available yet in PhotoLab 7, and may not be until PhotoLab 8 is released.


Perhaps by the time Photolab 8 comes out they will have the drivers for my Sigma lens too.
Thanks again

I am continuing to think about PL8 and wondered if my computer would run it (when it comes out) and so I asked “Technical Support”
Their reply was curious.

We have absolutely no information on upcoming versions of our software, it is not possible to offer you compatibility, our apologies.

I also wonder if they have any plans to support my Sigma lens and they simply said No we don’t.

It seems as though they really don’t have a good grip on the future operations of their company OR just don’t want to be bothered.
This are the pretty much the same type of responses that I received from Adobe until I gave up on them.
Guess I will just have to wait and see if I can use it or not. which does not seem like a very positive customer oriented business model.
Just my opinion.

On the windows part (don’t know about mac), I would say win10 (up to date) will be ok and if you have a RTX 20xx nvidia video card or above it should be right. From 20xx all nvdia cards have the same types of “components”.
Maybe amount of ram on those video cards could be a factor to take into account and refine what I’ve just said.
I’m not talking here about the processing speed you’ll get, only about compatibility.

First, it is not unusual for DxO to refuse to make any comments regarding future versions.

However, if you give us the details of your current hardware setup we can probably give you fairly accurate advice about whether or not it will work with PL 8 once it arrives.

I can’t provide any assistance for Macs, but I can help with Windows 10 PCs. Can you provide us with information about your PC’s current processor, ram, graphics card, and internal hard drives? Is Windows 10 on your computer completely up to date? What size monitor are you using? Is it high def? 4K?.


Win10 Pro
Version 22H2
OS Build 19045.4529
i7-4529 @ 3.6 ghz
32 gb 64 bit

Not 4k monitor. AMD processor.

what is your video card ? This an important component to run AI softwares like photolab.

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What graphics card do you have in your computer? The card is a very important for acceleration of DeepPRIME and DeepPRIME XD processing.

If you have built-in graphics on the motherboard rather than a dedicated graphics card you may be able to purchase and install a card sufficient for DeepPRIME processing assuming you have a slot available,. It is also possible, if you have an older machine, that you might need a new power supply as well depending on the choice of card.

In any case, a machine that works well with PL7 will almost certainly work just as well with PL 8.


Dual monitor system.
Viewsonic VA2719 @ 2560 x 1440
Second monitor Viewsonic simple 1024 monitor

AMD Radeon HD 7700
1gb GDDR5

The graphics card is a Radeon HD 7750
2gb GDDR5

it seems your graphic card is probably weak for running photolab. It is under current recommendation for photolab 7.
Some user use graphic cards under recommendation, but this can lead either to very slow performance or an inability to use the program.
I don’t know very well amd graphic cards (always used nvidia which lead this sector), but it seems to me your one could not work at all.

Thank you.
I guess that takes care of that.

It doesn’t mean you can’t run PhotoLab 8 . It means that your current graphics card is not capable of accelerating (speeding up) DeepPRIME and DeepPRIME XD processing and processing of those specific features will instead be performed by your computer’s CPU. The graphics card has no impact on any other features. That is no different than it is in PhotoLab 7., the current version.

The difference is processing time between a graphics card’s GPU and a computer’s CPU when exporting raw files with DeepPRIME or DeepPRIME XD noise reduction applied can be quite significant. However, If you are constrained to using your CPU for processing then DeepPRIME exports, although very slow, will be very significantly faster than DeepPRIME XD exports.

Hope this helps.


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I agree. It’s not obvious based on the data on the website.