Difference btwn Fstoppers menus and Nik menus

Eagerly downloaded Nik 6 latest and Fstoppers tutorial. Both are great but I see differences between menu options in the tutorial and the apps. Uploading an example, where the tutorial right off provides many more Color Efex options than what I see when I open the app.

I’ve completely uninstalled and reinstalled the latest Nik download from the DXO website multiple times and get the same discrepancy. I really want to have the full set of options in all my Nik apps and I’m not seeing them.

A little help please!

Mac mini 2023, M2 chip, running Ventura 13.5.1
All apps installed show app version v6.3.0 x64 (6)

brilliance warmth and pro contrast are two option from the left menu, check upper right if the menu isn’t collapsed.
not sure why it would start as is, unless you have an older version of Nik, which the 6.3 doesn’t overwrite btw. there’s already thread pointing this out.

@mikerofoto Thanks for the quick reply! I just figured it out. The pallets does not appear until a preset or filter is applied.