Difference between the colours of the correction preview and thumbnail

There’s a noticeable difference between colours in a correction preview and its thumbnail. If you export the photo to JPEG, the photo has the thumbnail colours not the correction preview colours. This is on NEF photos taken with a Nikon 7200 and 18-200 lens, and ORF photos taken with an Olympus OM-D EM-1 Mk iii and 14-150 lens. The only preset applied was the Optical Corrections Only preset. Reds and Blues are the worst. This is on an M1 Mac running the latest version of Ventura. Has anyone else noticed this?

To avoid any misunderstandings, can you post a screenshot of what you mean. It could be a matter of color management not done in proper order.

Can you post a screenshot to show the difference, and list the format and color profile settings you used both in the preview and during export.

Welcome. A lot more info is needed to help you with this. PhotoLab 6.3? Using the Wide Gamut working color space? Have you tried with Soft Proofing enabled to see if the colors in the preview window change?

… and preview > 75%, please.

Thank you for your responses. I’m completely new to DxO so forgive me if my replies aren’t quite what you intended. Soft Proofing I know nothing about, so I’ll need to go away and investigate that. I’m working in the Classic colour space in DxO 6.3. Changing to the Wide Gamut colourspace simply makes the colours a little more muted but doesn’t solve the problem. The JPEG is an export using sRGB; I’ve tried all other options, and again, it doesn’t seem to make much, if any, difference. This is the screenshot:

Thanks again for your help
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OK so here’s a copy of the JPEG, exported to the sRGB standard. The colour difference is clearly visible.


Update 27 Feb.

After quite a lot of experimenting I found a group of settings which go some way to mitigating the difference in colour between the Correction Preview and the Thumbnail. The settings are as follows:
Exposure compensation: -0.5
Working Colour Space: Classic Legacy
White balance: as shot
Colour Accentuation: both sliders at 0
Colour rendering: Camera body; Olympus OM-D EM-1 Mk II and III, slider set to 100
Protect saturated colours: slider set at 0
Toning off
DxO smart lighting intensity 0
Selective tone off

If these settings are saved as a preset and applied to a photo, the difference between the correction preview and the thumbnail is much less; it is, however, still there. The colours of the correction preview with these settings are very close to the colours of the same photo as shown in OM Workspace (Olympus’ editing software).

However, I still don’t understand why there should be any colour difference at all; it’s as if the thumbnail is a modified JPEG version of the same image.


I think I’ve found the answer to this; in Settings there’s a comment about the Apple Neural Engine producing colour shifts, so the Apple M1 GPU should be used instead until DX0 and Apple can solve the problem. Unfortunately the default is to use the neural engine. Having changed the option from the neural engine to the GPU the colour difference between the thumbnail and the correction preview appears to have gone.