Did DxO just changed it's luminosity mask policy?

Here is what I see in the purchase page of photolab (not filmpack at all) :

Is this a change or is this a lie ?

This would make me buy PL7 elite, but I need to be sure.

Umm, you have already commented on this, in response to @Rob’s post here:

In my trial version of PL7 the option for luminosity mask is inactive and the hover over says it’s only available in FP7 or higher. In other words, this advert is misleading, which (as I said in that other topic) is why I have reported this to the UK Advertising Standards Authority.

And that is the reason I shall not be upgrading. If a company wants to go that low. Then they do not deserve my money and will not get my money. I’m afraid they have now gone the same way as capture one when version number nine came out. To me it was too expensive for what you are getting and I have never updated it since, in spite of a very lucrative offer a couple of years ago.

I’m afraid DxO has now gone the same way. I cannot understand that they think ignoring their customers and their arrogance is the way to go.

As others have said, I have met some very nice people’s on this forum. One that helped me set up my EIZO 2470 to get the best out of it. Thank you Wolfgang. Number two. Joanna, who learned her photography the same way as I did and who is so refreshing and willing to teach others. Number three is Mike even though he is a photojournalist and some of his pictures had too much space around. Some of them were very good. You now have to criticise yourself Mike.

I will not be back to read any replies to this posting. I’m just so disgusted with DxO.

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Not active in a licensed Elite Edition. Marketing got carried away…and DxO should fix the text asap to prevent liability issues.


Indeed. Now, if I were to reach for my lawyer, do I feel lucky…

Really? A mistake is a “lie” now In the sense of being presumed to be a deliberate DxO effort to deceive for monetary gain? They forgot the asterisk saying “Requires FP 7.” It’s not unusual for software programmers and marketing people to not be on the same page.

I realize standards for stuff like this are stricter in Europe than in the US. Here in the states I suppose this might draw a class action lawsuit, if it wasn’t blocked by the terms of service. And for your trouble, after buying the software, taking an hour of your time to fill out detailed forms, and waiting three years, you’d get a refund of $1.68.

surely a typo and not something deliberate - just report to DxO and ask them to fix

I did not have look at the purchase page before Rob post. Only tried PL7 more than a month ago.
I was finaly wondering if there had been any change.

deleted by author.

Yes. Put luminosity mask in PL would fix it.


Then I would have bought PL7 upgrade (PL7+FP7 for such a small thing is too much), but so I stick with PL6.