Did DXO delete my photos?HELP

Hello all. I decided to try DXO photolab based on some recommendations. Got it installed and updated tonight and decided I’d run some photos through it. I’m on a 2015 MacBook Pro FYI.

I got things up and running pretty quickly and selected about 65 photos to process. Upon selecting the SD card and subsequent photos, I then clicked “Customize”. I began editing my first photo, trying to do basic functions like white balance, cropping etc. First photo done, no problem I then exported the photo. Moved on to photo 2. Photo 2 was not worth editing so I moved on to photo 3.

No photo 3. That’s weird so I backup, the last two photos are there…then a bunch of unselected photos were there. I scrolled forward again and it stopped again at what was intended to be my second photo for editing. The other 5 or 6 dozen photos are gone. Completely gone from the memory card it seems. Yet they don’t appear to have been imported anywhere? What am I missing?

Look first in the file browser of your os.
An advise, copy the files from your camera to the pc using a cardreader.


It’s hard to say what went wrong without more information. What do you mean when you say you selected these photos and then clicked on Customize? Did you create a project with photos stored in more than one location? Or just open a folder in the Library view and then go to Customize to work on all of the files in that folder?

Did you accidentally turn on sorting or filtering? https://help-photolab3.dxo.com/en/displaying-working-on-images

Or did the computer suddenly lose its connection with the SD card while you were using it? (This can happen with no discernible cause. I agree with George: in general, copy files off of SD storage before working with them.)

Never, ever edit images on the sd card. It is simply asking for trouble.

Copy your files from the sd card to a suitably created and named folder on your hard drive. I assume you have a backup routine for your hard drive?

DXO does not delete files unless you press the delete key on a file and then it will do what you tell it to do.

Did you not have the film strip visible showing however many files that fit on the display?

When you say you “selected 65 photos to process”, how did you do this?

Sorry to ask more questions but it is not clear exactly what you are doing, and certainly you are using an unusual approach in attempting to edit from the sd card.


We used to have endless problems with people using floppy disksr (for those who don’t know what they are try Google) they were always having disasters and losing data. It sounds as if SD cards are the Same.

As, I notice the issue of memory card, it may be chance the SD card got infected So deleted all photos from SD card. You can get back your lost photos with the help of Stellar Photo Recovery software it helps to recover deleted photos from SD card, hard drive or any digital storage devices. I hope this would be helpful for you!