Dfine2 latest version as LR Classic plugin not working?

I am using the latest versions of Photoshop and Lightroom Classic and just updated my NIK Collection 3 (Aug 20,2020).
First time using Dfine2 after the upgrade it seems to not be doing anything at all, not on automatic, nor with the sliders turned all the way up. The “after” side of the preview is just as noisy, if not noisier, than the “before” side no matter what I do. It “works” instantly, faster than before to generate a preview, but it’s not doing any noise reduction. Running it on a 42MP image is now instant, which also makes me feel it’s not doing anything as it did take about 4-5 seconds to generate a preview before. The “apply” is also instant now, unlike 7-8 seconds before. And “apply” is not doing any noise reduction. Dfine2 has been a fantastic, quick NR tool for me to use recently, up until today.
Anyone having similar problems? Any ideas? Or do I just now have to forget Dfine2, and take a side journey to Prime? Which would be a shame. Haven’t tried Prime yet today, really hoping to get the Dfine functionality back.

Any help appreciated.

Hi and welcome! What hardware platform & OS are you using? As far as you know, are all drivers up-to-date?