Developing without Lens Modules

I’m at a loss as to how to correctly develop images for which no lens module is offered. what is the exact procedure? I would be very grateful for any help.

Just adjust the corrections manually

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As Joanna advises, without an Optics Module for your {body+lens} combo, you’ll need to apply all corrections manually. These are;

  • Vignetting (via the Light tab)
  • Unsharp Mask (for sharpening) & Chromatic Aberration (both via the Detail tab)
  • Distortion (via the Geometry tab).

Hope that helps - John M

The presence of a lens module is one of strong points for which I have been using PhotoLab. DXO’s modules are truly excellent.

I have always wondered why, until a dedicated module has been made available, DXO chooses not to apply the lens maker’s own corrections in the meanwhile (for example, Nikon stores their own corrections in the NEF file and other software uses them).


Many thanks!
This helps me.

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