Developing infrared images

I’m very new to Photolab2, my previous raw developer was Darktable, but i fell in love with Photolab2 Elite Prime denoise feature.
As i shoot many infrared pictures with a converted camera I’m trying to find a workflow to develop them properly in Photolab2.
So far I couldn’t find a way to swap Red and Blue channel that would be the first step to start with.
Could anybody anybody address me to find the right workflow? I didn’t find any tutorial on the web.

I do not shoot infrared but have a look here:


What do you mean by this? What is the goal of this operation?

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I do not shoot with a converted camera - I use a glass infrared filter.

What I have always done, whether in Photoshop or Optics Pro ~ PhotoLab was simply to desaturate the red channel.

Side note on using software “infrared” filters on full color images: While You can definitely get interesting looks (which I have employed many times) it’s not the same as an actual physical barrier to all the other wavelengths in the spectrum being recorded on a sensor.


Red desaturated

As a joke Christmas Card one year I sent this composite image of my home (it does not snow where I live) taken on the Summer Solstice. Image order as show below (top to bottom):
Color image, desaturated red channel Infrared image (glass filter), Composite

I first tried various “infrared” software filters (though not “Color Efex”) which were no comparison to the physical glass infrared filter - not even close.


To get the infrared effect you have to set: [red 0% - blue 100% in the red channel] and [blue 0% - red 100% in the blue channel] this procedure is called “channel swap”

Thank you.
This is a software to mimic the infrared effect in a picture shot in the visible wave length.
My camera shoots infrared picture with a wavelength cut at 720nm

Thanks for the prompt answer, mine is a bit late indeed.
Your workflow looks great and appreciate all the given information. Just one more question, what module do you use to desaturate only the red channel?

Hi Lucio!

"Color" palette > "Hue / Saturation / Lightness" section > "Channel: Reds"


Great! Thanks a lot!

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