Detailed and Free Tutorials on Nik Collection

Hello and Happy New Year,

I used to use Google’s free Nik Collection but recently bought the DXO version. The interface is very different now and I think I need a tutorial to explain some of the more detailed features that are appearing in each of the programs. Are there any good You Tube tutorials out there watching?


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I checked out the fstoppers’ tutorials and found them to be well made and informative…but they are far from free, apart from this one.

Hi Ruth,

Nik6 got a new & unified interface. While a couple of functions have been added, especially in comparison to your old version, not everything is new – that is, when you knew how to handle your old version, in general you should get around with the new one.

Maybe you like to check here

Don’t hestitate to ask when you need help.

Thank you everyone for the help. I’ll check out the video’s you recommended. I wish the fstoppers video wasn’t so pricey, it looks like a very informative video.