Designated destination file for processed images

When I process a batch of raw files from lightroom, I use the full DXO Pureraw4 screen, and select a destination file on my hard drive to save the processed files. Prior to version 4, this processed worked very well.

Since installing version 4, the first file processed is properly saved to this designated file, but all other files processed in the batch are saved either to a prior designated file from an earlier batch, or the source file for the raw images. I see the notice “saved to multiple locations”. I have searched for some setting that I have missed, but don’t see anything.

Is there a correction for this issue?

I have exactly the same problem.

Also sometimes when I ask it to output .jpgs it outputs the first file as a .jpg and the rest as DNGs. It’s driving me up the wall. As a new licence holder I’m not impressed at all…

V4.2.1 build 3 64 bit.

If I could get my money back at this point i would ask.

I agree there seem to be too many bugs with this version.

I have found a work-a-round for the file issue that has been successful for me.

Select the first file of your batch in lightroom.
For that one file only, delete anything showing up in original images folder and subfolder
In destination folder, browse and add the folder you want this processed image to land in
Process that one file.
Repeat the process, but select all the remaining files (images) in lightroom you want to process.
Once again browse the destination folder selecting the same folder as for the one.
Process the rest of you batch.

This has worked for me, I hope it will work for you.

Thank you Michael.

I don’t have any images to process just now but I’ve bookmarked this and will do as you’ve suggested.

Let’s hope for an update soon.