Denoising Technologies magnifier shape is incorrect

When setting the preview area for denoising, the shape of the box seems to tend to the shape of the current image (as cropped) whereas the preview is always the same approximate 17:10 ratio.

On a square cropped image, the box is close to square, but the preview covers a larger area. Seemingly the height of the box is matched exactly to the preview and both are centred on the same point.

It would be nice if the box remained at the 17:10 ratio so I can accurately judge what will appear before committing.

In Windows, the temporarily visible ‘box’ (main window) simply indicates the chosen area of the ‘denoised preview’ (palette window), in relation to file size and main window zoom factor.

I don’t think the fixed size palette view is ment to mirror any aspect ratio / crop factor
– or did I misunderstand you?

I think you did misunderstand so I will try to clarify.

The denoised preview window in the palette is always the same shape – a roughly 17:10 ratio – and size – 1:1 pixels.

When I want to select the area for preview, there is a box presented over the image (well, actually two – the current and ‘new’ areas). As this box controls what will be seen in the denoised preview, I expect it to be the same shape and relevant size such that the portion of the image seen within the box is exactly the proportion of the image that will be seen in the preview.

In other words, the box should always be in a 17:10 ratio and should be sized based on the current zoom level. The shape of the image crop should not be an influence at all.

OK, in Windows it does what you are looking for:
The box (main window 1:1) and the preview (palette window) show the same size & orientation [on my screen ~ 350x190 px], independent from file size / aspect ratio as well as crop factor / aspect ratio.

Here’s the extreme case with a 2:3 (portrait) crop of a 3:2 (landscape) image.

You can see the height of the box does correspond to the height included in the preview, and the horizontal centre of the box is horizontally centred in the preview as well. So it seems only the width of the box is incorrect. The dotted box to select a new area is always the same shape as the current box.

It’s a bug (now reported). Thanks for finding it! :+1:


It’s been that way for as long as I can remember. I just now got around to saying something about it.

…then you should have spoken earlier :wink:
I never noticed this bug before your feedback!

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