Demosaic for Lightroom?

When sending a raw file to PhotoLab 4 from Lightroom Classic, and then Exporting to Lightroom with “ Export as DNG (DeNoise & Optical Corrections Only)”, does the DNG show up in Lightroom with the PhotoLab demosaicing intact, too, or does Lightroom reprocess the raw with the PhotoLab NR and optical corrections only?

Hopefully the former, as I’m looking for a better raw processor for Lightroom’s catalog.


The DNG output from PhotoLab is a “Linear DNG” which is fully demosaicked, so you get the power of DeepPRIME and the camera and lens modules and then can do all your light, colour etc adjustments in Lightroom.

Note that there can be a trap in the lens correction side of things. PhotoLab will already have applied distortion correction and if you let Lightroom do the same it will over-correct.

Thanks much for clarifying!