Deleting default dxo presets

Is the way to delete default presets, that comes with PL, FP and VP? If I delete all from preset editor pallete, they are back after next start of PL. In the case when i delete from pallete and pernamently from hard drive (appdata/local/dxo photolab/presets) situation is the same. PL making this presets after start.

I really dont need all of them. I have alot my presets, partial and not.

You have to go under the covers and manually delete them from the folders that they are in. What confuses the issue of bit is that they are located in two places, appdata\local and the programs folders and you need to delete them from both locations. Additionally, every time you install a new update to Photolab, or new version, they will come back and you have to do it all over again. I can give you the specific folder paths when I get home, however, If you are not comfortable deleting files from protected system folders I wouldn’t advise deleting them.


The presets are saved here : C:\Users\name\AppData\Local\DxO\DxO PhotoLab 4\Presets
And those by default can be found here : C:\Program Files\DxO\DxO PhotoLab 4\Presets
But as Mark said, they will come back to the next installation,thank you Mark for the additional information

Thanks for providing the full folder path in appdata. The default presets are also located in the Program folder not deleted from there as well they will be copied over to appdata and reappear the next time Photolab is started.


Is it possible to group together the presets you do like along with your own custom presets (if you have any) and locate the group at the top of the preset list? This is something I’d like to try, either in the editor or by manipulating the files, but haven’t gotten around to (and can’t for a while).

Yes you can go to the C: \ Users \ name \ AppData \ Local \ DxO \ DxO PhotoLab 4 \ Presets
And create your custom folder and copy your favorite settings there.

The simplest solution I suggest, would be to set one of your own presets as the default preset (via Preferences) … then all of the DxO presets would be ignored.

John M


I think they are reinstalled every time there gone from startup.
I made numbers listing like 00 01 02 and sort the folders i like to the top.


Thank You All for advices