Delete in Full Screen is not working in PL3 and Copying Keywords

I have PL 3.1.1 build number 4314 on a win 10 pro laptop and desktop. When I am using Full screen to browse the Nikon NEF raw files I just downloaded, the Delete key will not delete the image as described in the User manual for PL3. I have to use Shift + Delete and then reconfirm to delete the image. Is there something I have to do just use the Delete key? The three step process is very time consuming.

Another question regarding keywords I have added to an image. How can I copy the added keywords to a series of images in PL3 ?


Joe S.

Yes, Shift + Delete is the current mapkey.

You can select all images needing this keyword and add it.


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Thank you. But I cannot figure out how to select all of the images to add the keywords. All I can figure out is to add the new keywords to each image one by one. Under the Image tab of the top taskbar, there is no selection tool to copy keywords from one image to a series of images unless keywords are part of one of the selections listed.

Please add to the task list to change the delete protocol from Shift + Delete to just delete without the confirmation. See page 34 and 162 of the PL3 manual. Those commands are far easier than Shift + Delete.

Ctrl | A selects all. Ctrl | click adds/removes single items to/from the current selection

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Good morning,
So you are already properly instructed above, thank you @Pieloe and @Joanna :wink:

Just to summarize:

Svetlana G.

Thank you Svetlana and others. I have tried to use Control + A, but still cannot figure out how to get keywords from one image to a series. For example, I have a picture of a bald eagle and following it, ten more. I have been adding the keywords to the first image and then trying to copy them to the next ten. I cannot get that to work.

Are you suggesting that I highlight the eleven bald images and then add the new keywords to all eleven at one time?

If that works, what do I have to do if I have another series of bald images later on?

Joe S

Hello Joseph,

Svetlana G.

So after the first time you use the bald eagle keywords, the next group that you need them for. the bald eagle keywords will show up as “recent keywords” and you can apply them?


Svetlana G.