Delays in adding modules for new cameras and lenses

Why doesn’t DXO follow Adobes practice of timely support of new cameras. I’ve had a Hasselblad X1D MkII since August. There was an Adobe Camera Raw update soon after. Even with an interim “Paid” update of PhotoLab still no support. Just purchased Leica SL2 and M10 Monochrom. Within weeks there was support. How many years will DXO take to provide support. Do I sound like an unhappy customer? You bet. I cannot honestly recommend this product to customers.

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Adobe foolishly applies manufacturer’s instructions.
DxO achieves between 300 and 1000 photos to characterize a new DC.
That’s the price for the best quality but it takes time :wink:



At least I can use the Adobe product to open my images. I can add my own color profiles and make adjustments. I can create and add my own lens profiles. PhotoLab won’t even open the files and is useless.

Good luck.

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I’m sure he understands the point you are trying to make, However, @sandy is clearly frustrated that it takes so long for DXO to support new cameras. Whether or not there is a legitimate reason for the amount of time it takes, it doesn’t change the fact that he is unable to use the software until that support is provided. Although it has been argued by Pascal that Lightroom’s support for cameras and lenses is not to the same standard as DXO’s, at least Sandy can use LR to edit his files. I rely on PhotoLab almost every day. I’m sure I would also be frustrated if PhotoLab was unable to open raw files from a new camera months after it was on the market.



Thank you Mark, well said. I have used PhotoLab for years and believe it is a superior product to Adobe PS and LR. I produced images from my Hasselblad X1D and Leica SL that were wonderful.

I’m talking about a real world issue. I am a professional and depend on this product. Currently I use Hasselblad’s clunky Phocus just as a RAW processor successfully. It allows me to create Color profiles for my critical projects.

For my Leica projects I have taken the time to create color profiles (DOP files) and lens profiles.

With apologies, what would Pascal have me do? Wait for another six or nine months? Keep paying DXO for updates that are no benefit?

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The split up of the one firm into two companies must have adversely affected the access to lenses as we are regularly being told that PL is dependent on the cooperation of firms lending them lenses.

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@Sandy, are you still using the older cameras that are supported by PhotoLab? Has Svetlana or anyone else from DXO provided any feedback on when support ffie your new gear might be added?


Maybe you can lend your cameras to DxO to speed up the process :slight_smile:

Adobe makes so much money that they can afford paying someone to flying back and forth there food and lodge included to write the script for every new lens and camera coming out, DxO doesn’t.
but I agree that even if no lens/camera profile are ready for PL, there should be the possibility to use the software and make your own adjustment, or adjust as best as you can.

I have made backup files from older cameras because I am concerned with the continued viability of PhotoLab and DXO’s support. Again, as a professional I have to have tools I can depend on.

I only posted to this forum after months of receiving no response from DXO. Adobe continues to respond in a timely manner to inquiries. Am I mistaken, or is PhotoLab only a tool for hobbies?

BTW, I refuse to use Capture One as they do not support Hasselblad products.

Yeah, but I can’t afford to be without my work tools for six to nine months. :blush::blush::blush:

It probably is less then a month except if you are too far away.

Hello guys,

I can’t help you with the camera support requests and dates. Let’s ask @Marie to help.

Svetlana G.


Support of Hasselblad X1D Mark II and Leica SL / SL2 are planned but we need a loan from makers and that can be a long with small companies like them.
If I could I would give you a date but for now it’s not possible.


Any word on the Olympus TG6 and the Olympus OMD – EM1 Mark III? Thanks

Hello @JoanKauai,

Support of Olympus E-M1 Mark III will be in next release, planned in about 2 weeks for now.
Support of TG-6 will come in the one after.


How long would you need a loan of a Leica SL2, Q2 or CL?
If the time is short, perhaps some of the members of the forum may interested in helping to move the ball forward.

I would be among those willing to help.


Thank you so much for the news, this is wonderful! Best wishes, Joan