Default Presets in PL6/DeepPr XD

Hello!I am evaluating the new version of PL
I created a default preset that includes DeepPRIME XD. It works when I apply Preset manually.
Then I added this preset to the list to be applied to new images for RAW images.
I closed PL6.
From LightRoom I transfer a .nef file to PL6.
PL6 opens, and the file. In the panel it reads “Deep Prime” and not “Deep Prime XD2”
Not what I expected.
Now I go to “Apply preset” and choose the preset I created and should have been applied per default. Then it works.
I suppose that I am missing something
Can anybody help?

Welcome to the forum, @rabsanito

Please check if your new preset is listed in DPL’s settings:

I’ve set my DPL to apply “No Correction”, you’ll have to select your own new preset. Note that on first use, a preset can be selected, but a custom preset must always be added later - unless it has been properly taken over from a previous version of DPL.

Thanks for the answer, platypus.
Yes, my settings look good.
But I noticed the following:
The .nef files I used for my testing in PL6 had been already passed through PL4 (which I own) before. It looks like PL4 had somehow flagged those RAW files (I don’t know the internal mechanisms) and PL6 now treats them differently
Today I tried “virgin” .nef files (I mean that had never before been through my PL4).
Now these files are handled AS EXPECTED (my default preset for RAW was applied)
Could something like this be the reason?

The default presets are only applied to images that have never been exposed to DPL. Moreover, when we install DPL6, it imports the data from the database of whatever the previous version of DPL was. Opening a new version of DPL therefore mostly displays customised images…and Advanced History does not necessarily show the edits from earlier DPLs.

Yes, this is the reason. Try creating a new folder that PL has never seen before and place your NEFs in this folder or send to this folder from LR. Be sure that there are no DOP files in this folder. PL6 should overwrite the PL4 edits with your chosen preset. You will lose the PL4 edits so please remember to keep the PL4 DOP file.

This makes sense. I think PL thinks in general images that were processed in PL already got a preset applied. So by default they get no correction to avoid “double adjustments” via the import preset.

Thank you all guys!
I was trying to compare the results from Deep Prime in PL4 and the new denoising in PL6 when this happened.
I suppose that applying the preset to the files manually solves the problem?
Today I learned something new to me :slight_smile: