Default preset always reset to "DxO standard"


I want to use my own preset as a default preset, to be applied to every new image I open with DxO.
It has been working fine for a long time, but recently, every time I open Photolab, the default preset is reset to “DxO standard”.

Anyone has already have the same issue?
I’m using PL 4.3.0.

No it works fine.
I understand you have set in preference your preset as default?
(in means of pointing to the preset in default preset for Raw?)

Edit if so, do you mean the personal preset is in prefference lost and replaced with dxo standard?
(did you used a v3 personal preset?)

Yes it’s in the preference window.
I select the default preset for raw image, and in the drop down menu I can choose the preset that i want.
When I close and reopen Photolab, dxo standard is back.

It’s a v4 preset, which works fine when applied inside the application.

I’ll try to upgrade to last version, and to copy/paste the setting with another name to see if works better.

mac or windows?

last version is 4.3.1 for windows.
i use that so maybe it helps you to update.

It’s solved…
I tried to rename it → same problem.
I moved it at the root folder setting → it works.

It seems that I cannot select as default a preset that is included in a folder.
Even with DxO presets, it doesn’t work.

And I don’t even have to relaunch the software, closing/opening the preference window makes “Dxo Standard” come back as default if I do…

(I updated to 4.3.1 but no change on this)


Presets should be stored here %LocalAppData%\DxO\DxO PhotoLab 4\Presets to have the correct behavior.

Svetlana G.

Did you import your preset before trying to choose it?

Capture d’écran 2021-07-28 à 14.45.46

It’s a preset I created myself inside the software so no need to import anything.
I didn’t decide the location in the explorer either, dxo photolab did :slight_smile:

As said above, if I choose a built in preset that is also shown in a folder (inside photolab), dxo standard is selected instead.

I’ll include some screen captures in order to make it clearer.

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Good morning,

  • And could you, please, also provide that preset and user.config (%LocalAppData%\DxO\DxO.PhotoLab.exe_StrongName_addo3jomrfkt2faiwwfxxb444r1xfvlh) ?

Thank you
Svetlana G.

Ok. I found out what’s causing the issue.
All my presets where put in a folder names “01.Ju” to be at the top of the list (as I cannot hide the DxO presets or put all of them in a “DxO” folder).

The “.” (dot) in the name of the folder seems to be the cause of the issue.
After renaming the folder to “01-Ju”, all seems to work.




Thank you for the feedback. Now I can reproduce it as well. Investigating…

Svetlana G.


The issue has been fixed and the fix will be delivered in the next release.

Svetlana G.