Default IPTC fields, How?

How can I make a setting in PL5 for the IPTC fields

  • Author
  • Copyright

which will be added by default?
I had a preset in PL4, but unfortunately DxO has made it ineffective in PL5.


PhotoLab 5 offers no possibility to create metadata presets.
Getting such a function is worth voting for this feature request imo.


Hi Jerry - Yes, this has been a most unfortunate result of including IPTC in PLv5 … they’ve “broken” the EXIF feature in the process. I plan to request a fix for this breakage …

Edit: Ah - I see that @platypus has beaten me to it … Thanks, P !!

Regards, John M

I have found a temporary workaround for myself by using a special photo as a template where all the important Iptc fields are filled and then using copy and paste to fill the selected photos.