Default colour settings on import Fuji files?

Just curious. What are your default color settings when importing RAW files from a Fuji camera. Preferably, but not necessarily the GFX (or non X-trans, but that could do as well).
Type Generic rendering / DXO camera profile? Generic Rendering / From Camera (and then a film simulation like Provia or other)? Type Camera Body / Rendering… (etc. etc. ).
Thank you!

Nobody using Fuji i.c.w. DXO PL??

Moved some *.raf files from different cameras into a new folder,
opened this folder in PL6 with preset 1- DxO Standard (applied to all new)
and all showed up with “From camera( … )”

From my random collection most showed Provia / Standard
corresponding to the maker notes grafik
and then Classic Chrome, Velvia/Vidid, Astia/Soft, Monochrome.

Thank you for the effort Wolfgang! And thank you for sharing your settings.

All my files where (in the Color Tab):

  • Generic Rendering and : From Camera Provia/ standard

As you maybe remember from my last Fuji post (you’ve been helpful to me there), I have now UNchecked the “Automatically use camera rendering if supported” in DXO’s general settings.
All new raw files now import with an Auto-apply Preset named “Fuji GFX100II base” (my preset). In color tab: Generic rendering and DXO Camera Profile (Fuji GFX 100II).
To me, it now looks most realistically. In Color tab/ Rendering, there’ s also the Provia/Standard setting as one of the Rendering options to choose from (next to the well known DXO-Vibrant / DXO-Vivid / DXO Natural/etc. etc. (also the “Neutral” which is actually more vibrant with unnatural fluorescent reds).
The major difference between Generic Rendering and DXO Camera Profile (name camera) and Generic rendering From Camera and Provia/Standard, is the brightness of the image. The Prova/Standard setting is good, but less bright on import. As I say, at the moment I prefer my personal setting. Ofcourse this may change.
When in Color tab I ofcourse can change from Type Generic to “Digital Film”, where I can choose all the Fuji film simulations and more.