Default Behavior in CEP

It’s certainly possible that I am just missing this, but right now the default behavior of CEP is to open with all the last used filters applied to the new image. Often that’s annoying because I may have added something for a specific image that I don’t generally use. Is it possible to change that to open with nothing selected, or even better to open with a preselected, personally created, filter combo selected (for me that would be Pro Contrast and Darken/Lighen Center). Thanks

Hi Ellen - - Yes, I agree that it would be handy to be able to set a default filter.

Meanwhile, you might be able to make use of the following observation;

It’s actually the FIRST filter applied to the last/previous image that’s applied by default when CEP is next started.

  • This is assuming that it was a “stack” of filters that were applied to the previous image - such as typically results when a Recipe (made up of multiple filters) is applied.

  • If, however, ONLY ONE filter was previously applied - then it would seem to an observer that it was the last filter that was applied - - because, in the case of ONLY ONE filter, the first is also the last :thinking:


PS. You can vote for your suggestion (see at top of this page) … I’ve used up all of mine.

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