DeepPRIME XD unexpeced artifact - sort of

Working on the image of a soaring bald eagle, I found the following artifact in the DeepPRIME XD preview:

The same image with only DeepPRIME produced this preview:

The weird part is saving the image in a JPG or TIF format doesn’t show the artifact.

Image Properties
System Properties

I’ve seen the same once in a while (Windows 11). Fortunately, it’s just an artifact in the loupe, even though it seems to be part of the image (moving the loupe changes the position of the artifact accordingly). Changing the DeepPRIME XD sliders (Luminance, Noise model) and then setting them back again makes the artifact go away for me.

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Good to know. This seems to be, as you say, only in the loupe, NTL figure it’s worth reporting.

Got amazingly lucky with the eagle - it was one of three circling overhead at the same time.

the same here (but rarely) in Win 10 Pro 22H2