DeepPrime XD still creates bad faces

I was hoping for PL 7 to bring better results in peoples’ faces with DeepPrime XD.

But I think it doesn’t.

XD is great but on faces and skin it “improves” details that better shouldn’t be improved.

So I use the older DeepPrime (without XD) for people but noise reduction is not as good as in XD.

I hope that some additional “training” for the algorithms will solve the problem…

Did you try to reduce the “Noise model”?


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@Skywalker I do not have any pictures of faces that I care to share on this forum but some time ago I took a picture of a Tulip on the day after I hade been “playing” with ISO settings and the picture was taken at ISO 20000 in daylight accidentally.

I was “playing” with the image some days ago and created a set of ‘Partial Presets’ to experiment with!

Here is the Tulip image

P4025108.ORF (21.5 MB)

The Preset, which is PL7, shows the following

NoiseChrominance = 0,
LocalParametersActive = true,
NoiseLuminanceAuto = true,
NoiseCrossTalkAuto = true,
NoiseCrossTalkIntensity = 30,
NoiseActive = true,
NoiseLuminanceContrast = 100,
LocalParameters = {
NoiseChrominanceAuto = true,
NoiseDetailsPreservation =0,
NoiseDeadPixelIntensity = 0,
NoiseDeadPixelAuto = true,
NoiseLuminanceContrastAuto = true,
NoiseLuminance = 40,
NoiseRemovalMethod = "DeepRaw2RGBv2",

Here are a set of ‘Partial Presets’ providing ‘Noise Model’ setting from -100 to 100 in steps of 10 to experiment with, should you so wish!

NR - Noise (11.4 KB)


Hi Wolfgang,
hi Bryan,
thanks for your ideas.
I will try to play around with the settings as you suggest.
I didn’t pay attention to the Noise Model slider. Maybe it will help.

Hi @Skywalker,
I found the following useful, with my very limited PL experience:

  • Go down with ‘Microcontrast’, watching the pores, artifacts, etc.
  • If you have FilmPack7, lower ‘Fine Contrast’, e.g. -20, perhaps lowering
    its ‘Highlights’ and ‘Midtones’ settings, keeping watch on details
    (e.g. start with -50), and then set ‘Shadows’ for overall impression, usually positive.
  • Lower ‘Noise Model’, but not too much, to avoid waxy image (unless you want
    one of those plastic photos, frequently found on news web sites).
  • If the image is just a bit waxy, lowering ‘Luminance’ (e.g. 20) will increase luminance noise, which might help. However, going too low will bring back visible chroma noise.
  • (FP7) If the image is still too waxy, add just a small amount of luminance grain
    from the chosen B&W film with ISO not too high, but take care.

Unfortunately, there is currently only a small window for DP preview,
so to have an overall preview, you’ll have to use the Export.

Side remarks:

  • Don’t use Clearview for people, unless they deserve it.
  • DP XD may sharpen your images or create a kind
    of “sharpness imbalance” in certain cases. Bald people are
    easier subjects in that respect :slight_smile:
  • If you get some areas with green tint, other with magenta,
    or you see some thermal or other camera noise,
    it means you went beyond your camera limits.
  • My personal aim is to learn my camera limits, so that I can use
    a preset using pure DP, perhaps lowering slightly the ‘Luminance’
    and ‘Noise Model’. But that’s my preference.
    People’s photos, for which DP is not good enough, just land in trash.
  • I found DP XD good for other types of photography, like architectural details.
    You can then really see the difference between DP and DPXD in some cases.
  • Providing some details of your context might bring more attention.
    I assumed you referred to action photography in poor light,
    with faces being a large part of an image.
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