DeepPRIME XD in PureRAW?

I guess I’ll be the first to ask… Will DeepPRIME XD come to PureRaw? And, if so, when?


What about asking DxO instead the user Forum? How should “we” know?

To be fair to @mar_kelp, the URL of this forum does involve the string ‘feedback.dxo’ so it’s not unreasonable to assume that by posting here you are actually talking to DxO.

Yes, thank you. I also thought that since DxO employees post regularly (in official capacity or not) might elicit a response that the entire community would value. A private message to and possible private response from DxO Support wouldn’t be visible to the rest of the community…

In any case, TIL that has a “Mute” function. So that is a bonus. :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure that I’d say they post regularly. To me, it seems they are most likely to react (but not always) often react when someone reports a clear bug or a crash. Beyond that though they don’t say much, sometimes ignoring questions even if they are explicitly named in a post using the @[name] tagging feature.

I suppose PureRAW 3 is coming soon.

Maybe because DxO runs the forum? Maybe because they used to tell you to come to the forum for answers to questions, and to post about bugs? Maybe because they look at the questions, responses and they do chip in once in a while? Maybe because they often use the suggestions and comments to build their products? And lastly, maybe someone from the forum has already gotten this answer from DxO and they will share the answer. I think it’s a reasonable question that many DxO customer have and/or will have. Thanks for asking @mar_kelp


What a stupid answer. DxO staff reads and writes here if you didn’t notice so far…

A little civility here please. Name calling is uncalled for. .



Tell that Wolfgang…

So kids be good again, otherwise there will be no food and no TV tonight. :rofl: :joy: