DeepPrime XD - Amazing example

I don’t post often, so please forgive if I’m not following forum protocol.

As a long-time user of DXO PhotoLab (and previous) I’ve come to appreciate the many, many innovative features of the software. (And I have several post processing and Raw conversion programs on my computer, including Adobe CC).

But DeepPrime XD continues to amaze me (and this is not an exaggeration). I shoot events at a University under lot’s of conditions including mixed LED and window light, high contrast, and dark areas. I shoot with full frame, aps-c and m4/3 cameras. I was just shooting a graduation related event, and one of the cameras I was using was M4/3. The shutter speed jumped to 1/1600 and the ISO responded with 25K! I caught it after a several photos, but those photos were ruined. Irreplaceable “smiles of joy”, oh well, it was just an error. I don’t even know how it happened.

So while I’m doing post-processing on DXO PhotoLab 7, I try to save those photos. Actually, I use DeepPrime XD no matter what the ISO. Oh my goodness! the photos are usable after all. That’s m/4/3s sensor with ISO 25K and I can still show the photos without embarrassment to me, and to the pleasure of others. To me, that’s amazing!


One great thing about AI denoise is it works regardless of your photos’ ISO, meaning that it won’t really destroy the fine details when noise is not present. Even better, when you try to bring up the shadow in some part of a low ISO photo, which is equivalent to increasing the ISO of the shadow (which thus has more noise locally), AI denoise handles just that part for the photo while leaving other parts almost untouched.

I basically enable DeepPrimeXD all the time, albeit leaving it at around 20 to avoid artifacts. It’s worth mentioning that DPXD2 which is only in PureRaw 4 now works even better and create almost no artifacts as far as I can tell.

Hi Sandbo,
Thank you for the explanation about AI denoise. I really had no idea. What I do know is how grateful I am that someone figured all this out. I really am amazed.

…deepprime and deepprime XD are both demosaicing AND denoising. Both actions are done at the same time. This is why they are so good.
Even if you shoot at 100 ISO, the demosaiced RAW you get from DP/XD is superior to the one, let’s say, you’ll get by using HQ for instance (or the old non-AI prime).


That’s why it makes sense to process every picture with DP (I do not always use XD, only if needed, because it needs tuning to avoid artefacts, and as long as with have no full size preview, it’s a bit less of fun).