DeepPrime. Will not process- goes to Error

Since about 10 days ago he following is happening.

Import ORF Raw from Olympus Camera.
Go through my workflow. Assign DeepPrime.

= Little timer spins in the sample window…doesn’t stop. ( Although it did stop spinning tonight but alas, still didn’t process and went to ERROR)
I process either to the hardisk or to open in Photoshop or Affinity.
After 5 seconds it stops ( Highlights RED) as a “Processing Error”.
If I select Prime it works …but not Deep Prime.

Could be since 4.2.
I upgraded to 4.2.1 tonight but and it still happens.
It was certainly ok using 4.0.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Any idea how I can solve this?


Hello Ron and welcome.

What platform are you using and what are the specs? You may have a weak or unusable GPU. The system is supposed to detect this without producing an error but try setting CPU only in preferences and see if it works.

Yes, I’m having the same problem, I have a ticket open. Are you using Lightroom and transferring to PL? I found that when this error occurs restarting Lightroom fixed the problem. I have no idea why.

Hi Mark
Thank you for your note.
I switched to CPU this morning and all is now working. I do recall switching it to the Geo card some weekes ago.

System is
WIN 10 i7 2600@3.4
16GB Ram.

I placed a Graphics card in about a year ago. Clearly is wasn’t switched in on preferences until recently.
GeForce GT710. ( v456.71)

As you state, it did not get rejected by Photolab.
Is there a database of trusted cards/brands i can refer to?

The transfer this morning was 3’37’’ so would be good to improve on that if possible.

Many Thanks

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Hi Jeff
Thank you for your response.
No, my workflow starts in Photolab and then i migrate to Photoshop/Affinity to work with layers.
The fact it was stalling on an export to disc was the main concern as i could not then even circumnavigate the issue…

As you can see above… it appears it was linked to my Graphics card.

Many Thanks

You can have a look at the recommended GPUs in DeepPRIME* hardware acceleration – Customer Support

Ultimately it is a choice between the price of the GPU you’ll use, the hardware compatibility with your current PC and the final export time. Fastest GPUs obviously cost more and may need more power than your power supply unit may be able to provide.

The spreadsheet linked in PL4 GPU benchmarking? - #21 by jch2103 gives good hints about this by comparing the times for different hardware setups.

Thank you Lucas.
I’ll look into this. The overriding issue is I can at least now use Deepprime.
Another excellent factor is, I can continue to work on another image in Photolab whilst the export
works in the background. So, maybe the better option v’s upgrading parts of the computer.

Many Thanks

Ron - This is an important point made by Lucas - - If updating your GPU, you need to be sure that your power-supply can drive the model that you select. In my case (pun intended!), I have an efficient, energy saving power-supply - but, it limits the GPUs I am able to use with it.

John M

Indeed though my motherboard doesn’t use them I was interested to see there are extra power outlets to add to the power that could be added to a GPU. Its many years since I built PC’s (which then were high end for graphics) and had used laptops between then and a new tower. I had never seen so many fans and cooling surfaces to keep the parts cool (well cool enough not to go into melt down). Clearly the power of current computing has increased greatly but not by reducing power wasted in the form of heat! No wonder the impact on climate change of computers is so large.

Hi John

Thank you for your input.
So, in effect, the GPU could be ok… it’s just not getting enough power to see the job through.
Interesting , I thought it was very much it - it 's on or it’s off.

Thanks for the insight


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Hi John 7
Again, really appreciate you coming through on this.
Very much supporting what Lucas was saying.

Many Thanks