DeepPrime vs DeepPrimeXD file size

A little observation I noted only today, forgive me if this has been posted about before.

I tend to only use DeepPrimeXD for the very most demanding scenarios (ISO 10,000 or higher). For the work I do, I don’t often need to crop into an image a huge amount to get the composition I’m after. For ISO values below 10k I often cannot notice a difference between the two NR methods, but exporting with XD does take noticeably longer on my machine (Mac Mini M1). I appreciate that other peoples experiences and opinions on when they choose to use XD will be different to mine, and that is the great thing about having choice :slight_smile:

Anyway, this isn’t intended to be a thread about comparing image quality of DP vs DPXD, there are plenty of threads about that already

I exported some files using XD by accident. After they had exported I altered them to regular DP. I carried on editing the rest of the images from the set, and selected all images to export using DP.

I hadn’t deselected the previously exported files, so chose to export the first images again.

After export I noticed that all the XD files were of a greater size. See screen grab.

So I guess this is another factor to consider. If the file size is critical, for example website use, then one should consider if XD is required.

Blue highlighted files are regular DP. Files exported at 90% quality jpg.
Capto_Capture 2024-03-08_11-39-38_am

As XD is supposed to deliver eXtra Details, the resulting files are obviously bigger due to more details.
I I use DP for every picture, XD on those needing to deal with more details buried in noise.

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It may well be the other way around.
DP XD is not only ‘extra detail’ but also ‘extra smoothing’, while DP retains some luma noise (be it pleasant or not). DP XD jpegs of photos with very high ISO and large areas without too many details can actually be smaller than pure DP versions (by 20% in some of my samples).


Wow, interesting to know. Thanks for sharing.

The two photos attached are 1721 x 1147 left edge crops of 24Mpx image, 100 % resolution, 90% jpeg export quality, EXIF stripped, ISO 200k, default DP/DPXD settings, Neutral Color, no other corrections, PL7.5/Win. You can also see the out-of-focus transition. JPEG sizes:
DP - 922k (top)
DP XD - 697k (middle)
No NR - 2605k (bottom)
But of course I have also photos, where DPXD jpegs are larger than DP. So, as usual, ‘it depends’.


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