DeepPrime speed with current gen notebook GPUs?

I am searching for info about DeepPrime speed with current generation notebook GPUs:

Integrated into CPU:

  • amd a680m
  • intel Iris Xe (96 EU)
  • intel Iris Xe (80 EU)

Dedicated GPU:

  • amd Radeon RX 6600M
  • amd Radeon RX 6700M
  • amd Radeon RX 6800M
  • intel Arc A370M

Maybe somebody has a device with one of those GPUs and can post DeepPrime timings?


I wrote about my experience.

I run a 3070GPU in a laptop with 8 core Ryzen 5900 and DeepPRIME exports at about 5-6 Megapixels per second in Photolab 5.0.

I shoot a Sony A1 at 50MP per image and they process in 8-10 seconds per image in batch.

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you can find a lot of information about DeepPRIME performance according to CPUs/GPUs by following the links quoted in this topic :

Maybe the Google spreadsheet has been populated with the GPU you are targetting.

Thanks for pointing to the spreadsheet. I found that before but it does not contain the new generation GPUs.

Thank you:

Your GPU is an intel Iris Xe (80 EU) according to the specs I found online.
You have a roughly 30 megapixel image.
CPU speed = 0.35 megapixel / sec.
GPU speed = 0.86 megapixel / sec.

Cross check with my current notebook:
Intel i7-10750H / RTX 2070 Max-Q:
Image is 51 megapixels:
CPU speed = 124 sec. / = 0.41 megapixel / sec.
GPU speed = 11 sec. / = 4.63 megapxel / sec

That’s what I feared. The old RTX 2070 is around 5 times faster than a current Intel Iris Xe which is still used in the Alder Lake 12th gen CPUs from intel.

Maybe we also get posts from people with other GPU / CPU constellations.

By the way reason for asking:
I like to know if the current generation of convertible notebooks (2 in 1) or Windows tablets might be fast enough for DXO RAW processing when on location. In that case I could get one of those new 16" two in ones and have a tablet, a notebook and a graphics tablet all in one device. But so far I can’t find reasonable benchmarks regarding DXO DeepPrime, so I tought best idea is to ask here.


I started a tread about this some time ago after my old computer was destroyed when the mover moved our things to a new apartment and I had to buy a new.

Significant performance increase after upgrading computer - DxO PhotoLab - DxO Forums

My new computer has Win 11, Intel i7 gen 12 with 16 MG RAM, 1TB SSD disk and Nvidia 3060 Ti graphics card which is good but not by any means top of the line.

I tested again with my 33 Megapixel images from my Sony A7 IV and it takes as an average 5 seconds to put out a JPEG in 100 quality and a file size of app. 35 MB. It´s a pretty significant improvement compared to my old computer with an old Intel i5 with 8 GB and a SATA 1 3 TB disk and a GPU from those days. Sometimes there is not all that much to wait for anymore because the new generation of PC:s and Mac:s are just so much faster. If you can afford it upgrade.

Thanks for posting:
Is it a desktop computer or a notebook?
Do you have a pure cpu result as well?

The GPU value of your system is 6.6 megapixel per second.

Acer Predator 3000 with 1 TB SSD is a desktop

so a current 12th gen desktop with a RTX 3060ti
is about 40% faster than a 10th gen notebook with a RTX 2070 max-q.

My current PC requires 19 min, 37 sec to process the Egypte photo in PrimeXD (PL6.2.0)
Specs are Lenovo Thinkpad X1 carbon - i7-8650 (1.90 GHZ) with 512 GB SSD, 16GB RAM, and UHD620 graphics (ultrabook integrated graphics).
This seems extremely slow when comparing the other benchmark results in the referenced spreadsheet and relative GPU benchmarks.

While I am in the market for a new PC, I wonder if there are other issues I should address in to help my current setup run faster.
I have tested setting the DeepPrime Acceleration to CPU only, GPU only, and Automatic with no significant effect. The cache is 5000mb, simultaneous images set to “2”. Both are default.


The Intel UHD620 graphics solution is a 6 year old low level integrated graphic solution chip with no onboard memory of its own. Your CPU will process DeepPRIME XD faster than your GPU and is being used even when you have explicitly selected the GPU. Unfortunately, the UHD620 is a chip rather than a dedicated graphics card and is simply not up to the task.


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Thank you. I understand my current processor and “GPU” is very, very slow. I am looking for suggestions to optimize what I have for now. (A new PC is in the future, but not in the budget yet.)

Is this a laptop or desktop? If a desktop you would benefit from even a few years old used GPU. If it’s a laptop there’s likely nothing you can do. Processing speed is not substantially affected by disk speed and you have enough memory. More memory isn’t gonna speed this up.

If you have manually selected GPU processing I would recommend you put it back on auto. The CPU will likely be faster than the GPU in your case.

Edit. I see it’s a laptop. Just save you cash until you’re in a position to get a new machine.

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