DeepPrime on Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics

Has anyone tried the Deep Prime on Photolab 5 using a Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics insteal of an nvidia GPU? Will it work? well?

DxO have said that it works quite well but not as well as worth Nvidia and far better than with no GPU.

Some relative benchmarks would be nice to see…

My photo-editing laptops have all been ‘gamer’ laptops to get an nvidia or amd gpu on board.

If the new Intel Xe graphics are ‘close’ to low-mid range nvidia/amd gpus, that opens a new world of far-less-expensive business-class laptops for my use.

On my Laptop converting a RAW from the Canon EOS R (6720*4480 = 30105600 Pixel):

Iris(R) Xe Graphics
35 s

85 s


By “converting” do you mean converting from RAW to JPG, or are you running DeepPrime noise reduction algorithm?